, a New Patent-Pending, Consumer-Driven, Services Only, Auction System Launches Today, Enables Companies to Bid on a Consumers’ Request; Companies Fight Each Other on New Auction Site

HOUSTON, June 7 /PRNewswire/ — Consumers can now place a service request and have a company bid on their request through (, a Web site offering a revolutionary new auction system: consumer-driven, services only, auctions. enables consumers to place a service request and have companies bid amongst themselves, in an electronic-auction format, to win that request. Currently, most consumers pick up a phone directory, call a company that provides a certain service, such as a plumbing company, and obtain bids. This cumbersome task usually involves calling a number of plumbers in the area, asking for their “Price per Hour,” and then writing all the obtained prices down. Then a person has to scan the list, find the Plumber (or Plumbing Company) that charges the lowest price, and then call the Plumber to set an appointment.

Nowadays, almost everyone can get to a Web site, either by himself or herself or through a friend or family member. This allows consumers to interact with companies in a way that was never before possible. Now, a consumer can place a request for a service, such as a Plumber, and have various plumbers or Plumbing companies bid for that consumers’ request. To place a request, consumers simply go to Web site to fill out a request form, including the maximum price they are willing to pay for a service. The request is then posted for all companies to bid on. The company with the lowest bid, at the end of the auction, is the one that gets to fill the consumers’ request.

“It is a win-win situation. The customer obtains a company’s services for the best price with the least amount of hassle, and a service provider (a services oriented company or individual) gets a new customer that they may have never found otherwise,” says Neal Verma, founder of About Based in Houston, Texas, VermaNET LLC, the parent company of is a privately held company that has created the world’s first consumer-driven, services only, auction system.

With, consumers (Service Requesters) place a request on the web site. Then companies or individuals that provide services (Service Providers) bid against each other to fill the consumers’ request. There are hundreds of Service Categories to choose from including Architects & designers, Attorneys & legal services, Cleaning services, Computer services, Entertainers, Event planners, Home repair services, Landscaping Services, Locksmiths, Party rentals, Pool Services, and Security services.

This patent-pending, true model of consumer-driven, services only, auction site was invented by Neal Verma, the young (twenty three-year-old) founder of and President of VermaNET LLC ( Neal Verma can be reached via email at


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